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Airborne Bomb Detector

The Airborne Bomb Detector enhances EOD and Police security to search for bombs using a UAV outfitted with our Bomb

Armored Vehicle Jamming System

Relying on an armored vehicle for convoy security is not always enough. That is why the Armored Vehicle with IED

Backpack Jammer

The Backpack Jammer VIP-600 is a portable IED Jammer or Bomb Jammer ™ built into a backpack. It is designed to be taken into hostile territory for defensive RF Jamming of Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs) used as weapons by terrorists, insurgents, and criminals. IED Jamming using RF Jamming technology is vital for protective forces, government officials, diplomatic representatives, EOD teams, and Bomb Squad technicians. The VIP-600 broadcasts radio wave energy, blanketing an entire area to prevent radio receivers from acquiring the detonation signals for remote controlled explosive weapons. This back pack jammer is considered to be a back pack RF Jammer or back pack IED Jammer. It is designed to function as a back pack RCIED Jammer in order to combat RCIEDs. It also works as a phone Jammer and a Radio Jammer in order to defeat remote controlled weapons connected to wireless phone and wireless radio detonators. It is a man-portable system that will provide durable reliability for law enforcement and military forces in the field. It can also be placed in a vehicle for greater mobility when securing areas against RCIEDs.

Bomb Detector

The Bomb Detector is able to detect bombs from a suicide bomb vest, bomb belt, and other person borne PBIED

Bomb Jammer

The Bomb Jammer ™ shown here is the VIP300 Series. This RF Jammer was named the “We Own The Spectrum”

Bomb Jammer Demonstration Kit

In order to demonstrate the proper system solutions to your Government Clients, HSS has designed a configurable modular arrangement. This

Cell Catcher

The Cell Catcher deals with the problem of smuggled phones in prisons using a managed access approach to communication control. Unlike RF Jammers or denial of service based Cellular Jammers, our Cellular Catchers do not employ any type of RF Jamming. RF Jamming often causes too much interference to cell phone users in neighboring buildings as well as authorized users in Prisons such as wardens, guards, and approved administration. After years of implementing prison jammer solutions, a managed access approach to deal with smuggled phones in prisons is now the best option for correctional institutions.

Cell Jammer

The Cell Jammer is a rack mounted 300 Watt high power jamming device, used at buildings and made portable for vehicular deployment to jam cell phone calls. Able to attack 3 cell bands with 100 Watts of jamming power per band, the MS6-300 Cell Jammer is the choice for communication blocking in prisons, security facilities, government offices, and areas where cell phone calls are restricted. Whether freestanding or mounted, the Cell Jammer is a the most powerful of our Digital Cellular Jammers. It uses our proprietary stabilization method of digital jamming, responsible for the elimination of power loss. Because of this stabilization factor, the Cell Jammer does not have any power dissipation nor does it over-jam an area. Therefore we do not have to cover a wider bandwidth like other manufacturers do. This means we are able to concentrate the digital jamming power and almost double the effective distances. As with all our Cellular Jammers, there is no warm up time, as the Cell Jammer will turn on and function once it receives power.

Cell Phone Jammer

The Cell Phone Jammer model MS6-2 is a portable jammer built into a briefcase. RF Jammers we build into this type of case jam in one direction only, making it a directional cell phone jammer for use in offices and business environments. This Cell Phone Jammer concentrates its jamming beam where the user aims it. Simply putting the briedcase on the floor or desk and point it toward an area will jam approximately 15 + meters away. Where can the Cell Phone Jammer operate? It has jamming bands the operator can switch from, enabling the operator to use it anywhere in the world. Just make sure the desired jamming bands are selected. Many users have recommended directional RF Jamming, built into a briefcase, so the system may be moved from room to room without having to be mounted. The system comes with a rechargeable battery as well as a mains connection for recharging.

Cellular Catcher

The Cellular Catcher model CC1440 for cellular data interception is a cellular firewall, used to capture and control targeted cellular

Cellular Communication Control Center

In order to demonstrate Communication Control to your Government Clients, HSS has designed a portable Cellular Communication Control Center. This demonstration center is intended for resellers looking to address the growing supervisor requirements of Governments who need to manage wireless communications. The system uses informative and live examples for on site meetings and demonstrations

Cellular Detector

Detection Features:
  • Discovers hidden cellular phones
  • Alert to an unauthorized incoming or outgoing cellular signal
  • Can detect Spy Phones and GSM transmitters
  • Cellular Detection includes alarming alert data in Real Time
  • Cellular activity for each frequency band is displayed on one Graphic User Interface
  • No start-up / warm-up time. The Cellular Detector is active once powered on

Cellular Intelligence Catcher

The Cellular Intelligence Center is designed for Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies. In addition to its exclusive "White Listing" of approved cellular users and "Black Listing" of denied users, the Cellular Intelligence Center also provides the following capabilities:
  • A "red list" category for investigative purposes
  • IMSI data extractor
  • TMSI "mirror"
  • Cellular handset number extraction feature
  • Telephone number dialed extraction feature
  • PC database of numbers collected with time/date stamp
  • Call re-direct feature
  • 911 emergency "pass-through" feature
The Cellular Intelligence Center is available to Law Enforcement and their respective vendors only. This system does not intercept audio. Note: Available with either a directional or omni-directional antenna array and power amplifier.

Cellular Intercept CDMA

The G-Com 2066 CDMA will intercept, record, and play back cell phone conversations in a CDMA mobile phone network. It is used by law enforcement and government agencies to monitor and store cdma cellular phone conversations of suspected criminals, militants, terrorists, and those committing espionage. The G-Com 2066 CDMA will also capture SMS (short message service) data. It is a passive system -­ no signal is transmitted from the system and the cell phone network receives no electromagnetic interference. The system operates by automatically detecting the strongest signal in a CDMA service area. The system intercepts control channels and both sides of a conversation through traffic channels.

Cellular Intercept GSM

The GSM5000 is a tactical "off air" GSM Mobile Phone Intercept System, or cellular interceptor, designed to intercept and track all GSM cellular telephone traffic in a local area and function as a cellular recorder. Cellular Interception is used by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies to monitor cellular phone calls of terrorists, criminals, and suspected felons. Optionally, the system can be custom built to fit inside of a surveillance van in order to monitor & track multiple conversations, and follow the users simultaneously. Cellular Interceptors such as the GSM5000 can also record real-time off air GSM phone calls for future review.

Cellular Intercept TDMA / AMPS

The G-Com 2065 cellular intercept system works as a passive system, intercepting information directly from the air, recording phone call data, as well as conversations for later retrieval. It is used by law enforcement and government agencies to monitor and store cellular phone conversations of suspected criminals, militants, terrorists, and those committing espionage. The system scans all channels and allows the operator to automatically or selectively collect information attained from the targeting of a particular mobile station, either from the phone numbers or by the numbers dialed from the mobile station. The system can be expanded from 2 to 27 channels and is available in two models, stationary or mobile.

Cellular Interceptor CC2800X1

Most Cellular Interceptor platforms possess 4 to 8 Channel capacities to manage system resources during interception. The CC2800X1 starts with a minimum 16 Channel allocation for Cellular Monitoring. This standard intercept solution (our most basic version) is effective and sensitive enough to acquire conversations at extended ranges. The CC2800X1 employs a proprietary interception application that is 100% Narrow-band technology, with optimized sensitivity that can extract cellular communications "off the air".

Cellular Interceptors CC2800

The CC2800 Series of Cellular Interceptors are dual purpose intelligence acquisition platforms which can be administered by those who already have a target in mind as well as by those who have little to no information about who their suspected target is.

Cellular Jammer

Cellular Jammer model MS2-3 is a directional digital cellular jammer. It is designed to jam 3 cellular bands, giving off approximately 2 watts per band, totaling 6 Watts of output power. There are several models in the MS2 series, all with similar characteristics, some that are tuned and configured to accomplish different jamming mission types. How does one determine how much power should be used to jam cellular phones? Which Cellular Jammers are appropriate for to use? A) You may Contact Us for our expert advice. B) You may also measure several radio frequency attributes and forward your readings to our technical support division in order to determine which cellular jammers will suit your requirements. There are many variables to consider when choosing this 6 Watt Cellular Jammer, such as the proximity to the local cellular mast, the distance to the cellular phones being jammed, and other details. What makes our Cellular Jammer any different from other systems available? Our RF technologies employ a digital stabilized platform, and our proprietary design compensates for overheating, shift of frequency targeting due to thermal component elements, and other aspects that we have perfected. This method is used to double the efficiency of the jamming signal given off. The Cellular Jammer is ideal for use in:
  • Banks
  • Conference Rooms
  • Government Offices
  • High Security Facilities

Cellular Jammers

Among the cellular jammers we build, our model MS6-3 is a wall mounted directional jammer that can jam user defined areas with exceptional performance. It consists of a 3 band system with 6 Watts per band, totaling 18 Watts. It can be moved by the user to jam specific areas while not interfering adjacent rooms or areas. Compared to other cellular jammers, the MS6-3 performs very well, thanks to the digital stabilized method that our proprietary design incorporates. Unlike other manufacturers, our system architecture counters overheating that causes shifts in frequency dissemination (due to thermal component factors, degradation, and other elements). Our cellular jammers are used in prisons, embassies, government installations, and military facilities.

Communication Jammer

The PH500 Communication Jammer or Cell Phone Jammer is designed for cellular jamming of criminal communications. Cell Phone Jammers are composed of cell phone jamming hardware or radio jammers that broadcast cellular jamming signals within a cellular service network. The PH500 Cellular Jammer emits jamming interference signals that attack the abilities of a cell phone to receive service from a cellular network. That means that if a cell phone user is beginning to make a call or is already engaged in a call, cell phone jamming will overpower the carrier signal and terminate the call. No damage will occur to the cellular phone.

Connect and Secure your Network with Low-Cost High-Performance Connectivity and device-level Trust & Control

The IpTL FastLane 7111 provides wired Fast-Ethernet and wireless 802.11 b/g/n with always-on secure remote access VPN, which works with dynamic IP, dynamic failover, and SuperNAC™ zero-trust IoT access control. Perfect for remote devices such as IP Cameras, Access Control, and Alarm Panels, the Model 7100 Series provides connectivity, full routing, and full redundancy/high availability and device-level security in an integrated and fully managed package. IpTL FastLane products are designed for access connectivity and include all the expected networking features ensuring the success of your project, including outing/forwarding, VLANs, and a stateful inspection firewall. For redundancy and failover applications, the Model 7100 Series can connect to multiple networks and provide active/active failover as well as link-bonding over multiple Internet services.  IpTL’s exclusive SuperNAC™ provides control over your devices, preventing unauthorized access to your network, and ensures you know your device is really the device you think it is. Use in pairs for site-2-site Ethernet LAN Extension or with one of our servers for larger Point-to-Multipoint deployments.

Convoy Jamming Solution

VIP 300F Convoy Jamming Solution is designed to defend groups of vehicles against remote controlled weapons using IED Jammers. The

Covert Bomb Jamming System

We are introducing our Covert Bomb Jamming System, model VIP 300T. The IED Jammer VIP 300T is a heavy-duty IED