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Communication Jammer

The PH500 Communication Jammer or Cell Phone Jammer is designed for cellular jamming of criminal communications. Cell Phone Jammers are composed of cell phone jamming hardware or radio jammers that broadcast cellular jamming signals within a cellular service network. The PH500 Cellular Jammer emits jamming interference signals that attack the abilities of a cell phone to receive service from a cellular network. That means that if a cell phone user is beginning to make a call or is already engaged in a call, cell phone jamming will overpower the carrier signal and terminate the call. No damage will occur to the cellular phone.


This is a portable Tactical Jammer, able to jam cellular phones in office buildings as well as outside on the ground. It can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, and requires no vehicle installation. This Tactical Jammer is used to restrict cellular phone users in conference rooms in order to contain private and confidential information. The Tactical Jammer is also used by SWAT Teams, Hostage Negotiators, and Tactical Response Agents who need a field portable Jamming system to defeat criminal communications. The system can jam all cell phone frequencies:
  • GSM 800/900
  • DCS/PCS/GSM1800
  • 3GPP
  • alternate wireless frequency bands such as 802.11b (WiMAX, WiFi)
This is a User friendly Communication Jammer, easy to operate, and requires no special training to work. The modular configuration allows the user to choose the frequency bands according the user needs. The VIP-250PC has a built in system that provides feedback of operational status in real-time, with low voltage protection and protection “by fault start”.