Advance Defense Solutions

Defense Control

Most effective and reliable radio frequency jammers in the world.

Cellular Intercept

Monitoring, capturing, and analyzing wireless communications to gather information and detect potential threats

Communication Detection

Identifying and analyzing signals or messages to determine their origin, content, or potential significance

Control Solutions

Implement measures and systems to manage, regulate, and secure communication channels for optimal efficiency and security.

RF Jammer Applications

RF jammers serve as essential tools for communication blocking and countering RCIEDs (Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices). These devices find extensive applications in various sectors, including military, law enforcement, and security. RF jammers are designed to emit strong radio frequency signals, disrupting and disabling wireless communication within a specified range. By blocking unauthorized transmissions, they help prevent the exchange of sensitive information or coordination of malicious activities. Moreover, RF jammers are particularly valuable in countering RCIED threats, as these improvised explosive devices can be triggered remotely using radio signals. By neutralizing the radio frequencies used for communication, RF jammers provide an effective solution to mitigate the risks posed by RCIEDs, ensuring the safety and security of individuals and critical infrastructure.


Cellular Silence


Enhanced Security Measures

Implement advanced cellular silence systems to fortify security and safeguard high-level government and military facilities.


Counter Surveillance

Cellular Silence Implementation Deploying cellular silence technology to counter surveillance threats and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.


Cellular Silence Protocol Compliance

Cellular Silence Protocol Compliance Enforcing strict adherence to cellular silence protocols to restrict unauthorized communication within government and military facilities.


Cellular Silence for Security Enhancement

Utilizing cellular silence measures to mitigate risks posed by remote-triggered devices and enhance overall security levels.

Prison Solutions

Our Cell Catcher technology without RF Jamming is our latest development in cellular detection and managed access to deal with smuggled phones into Prison and Secure Facility environments. Using our Cell Catchers, no RF Jammer is necessary to counter illegal phone users such as convicts and criminals behind bars. Growing trends indicate more correctional authorities prefer the denial of access to some users while permitting other users (the warden, administrative staff, medical staff) to connect to the local service provider to make mobile phone calls.