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Cell Catcher

The Cell Catcher deals with the problem of smuggled phones in prisons using a managed access approach to communication control. Unlike RF Jammers or denial of service based Cellular Jammers, our Cellular Catchers do not employ any type of RF Jamming. RF Jamming often causes too much interference to cell phone users in neighboring buildings as well as authorized users in Prisons such as wardens, guards, and approved administration. After years of implementing prison jammer solutions, a managed access approach to deal with smuggled phones in prisons is now the best option for correctional institutions.

Cellular Catcher

The Cellular Catcher model CC1440 for cellular data interception is a cellular firewall, used to capture and control targeted cellular

Cellular Detector

Detection Features:
  • Discovers hidden cellular phones
  • Alert to an unauthorized incoming or outgoing cellular signal
  • Can detect Spy Phones and GSM transmitters
  • Cellular Detection includes alarming alert data in Real Time
  • Cellular activity for each frequency band is displayed on one Graphic User Interface
  • No start-up / warm-up time. The Cellular Detector is active once powered on

Prison Jammer

Jammer is a cellular jamming and cellular detection system. Model IJS 6000 is an intelligent cellular Prison Jammer system designed to jam unauthorized cellular phones while permitting authorized cellular phones to operate. With the Prison Jammer, control can be managed over criminal communications in a prison, unauthorized calls in a courthouse, military installation, or specific environments where cell phone activity must be managed. In correctional circles, it is known as the prison jammer or prison jamming system.