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Connect and Secure your Network with Low-Cost High-Performance Connectivity and device-level Trust & Control

The IpTL FastLane 7111 provides wired Fast-Ethernet and wireless 802.11 b/g/n with always-on secure remote access VPN, which works with dynamic IP, dynamic failover, and SuperNAC™ zero-trust IoT access control. Perfect for remote devices such as IP Cameras, Access Control, and Alarm Panels, the Model 7100 Series provides connectivity, full routing, and full redundancy/high availability and device-level security in an integrated and fully managed package. IpTL FastLane products are designed for access connectivity and include all the expected networking features ensuring the success of your project, including outing/forwarding, VLANs, and a stateful inspection firewall. For redundancy and failover applications, the Model 7100 Series can connect to multiple networks and provide active/active failover as well as link-bonding over multiple Internet services.  IpTL’s exclusive SuperNAC™ provides control over your devices, preventing unauthorized access to your network, and ensures you know your device is really the device you think it is. Use in pairs for site-2-site Ethernet LAN Extension or with one of our servers for larger Point-to-Multipoint deployments.

IpTL Model 70V Series Virtual Secure Remote Access Appliance for VMware, Amazon AWS, Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure

Hi-Performance Virtualized Hosted and cloud Network Application Connectivity

The IpTL 70V eGate Secure Remote Access Appliance and Server is a virtualized connectivity solution for hosted and cloud deployments providing transparent, secure, and controlled access to applications and data.

Built on IpTL’s product-based converged infrastructure technologies the Model 70V Series provides the same network connectivity, application transparency, and tunnel security without the individual hardware overhead, maintenance, and costs of a separate hardware installation.

When to Use

  • Virtualized Server or Cloud environments such VMware ESXi™, Amazon AWS™, Microsoft Hyper-V™, Microsoft Azure™, Oracle VirtualBox™
  • Hybrid-Cloud & Virtual Private Cloud Remote Access
  • Virtualized application integration with walled garden-controlled application access
  • Seamless private cloud to public cloud integration

IPTL Model 7151 Cellular Secure Network Gateway

Semi-Ruggedized Appliance with Integrated Cellular Modem, Reliable VPN/Tunneling, Routing, and Failover

IpTL FastLane™ Model, 7151 Series appliances, tightly integrate a built-in cellular LTE broadband Internet modem along with our full-featured access easy VPN/Tunneling router and connectivity features. Great for IoT/M2M connectivity, Automatic Cellular backup/Internet Failover, Out-of-Band Management, & Remote Branch, the 7151 includes all the expected networking features that need to easily connect over any network. When to use
  • Remote Internet Access over the Cellular Network – ATM machines, Digital Signage, IP Cameras, Access Control
  • Failover to Cellular redundancy protecting your existing Internet connection
  • Secure IoT/M2M connectivity from device-to-cloud with Private IP

IpTL Model 780 Series Secure Network Gateway Expandable to 25 connections with Enhanced Performance, & Redundancy

Expandable Performance Appliance for Point-to-Point or Multipoint with up to 25 connections

The IpTL 780 Series provides an expandable performance concentration point for multisite connectivity. Software scalable with just licenses from 1 to 25 connections the 780 Series provides the connectivity, control, and configuration for your multisite Video, Voice, and data networking requirements. With multi-provider fallback and hot-standby redundancy standards, the 780 Series delivers your application with the right amount of connections, future expandability, and the full power of IpTL’s Trust & Control™.

When to Use

  • Multi-point aggregation for up to 25 remote connections
  • High-Performace Point-to-Point links
  • Expandability – Start small and expand to the number of connections you need
  • Investment protection – no rip out of equipment or changes to remotes – not even a reboot is required

IpTL Model 79R Series Secure Remote Access Appliance Hi-Performance Server with Field Expandable Connections & Redundancy

Hi-Performance Ethernet/IP Server with Field Expandable Connections for data data center, Replication, and Headquarters sites

The IpTL Model 79R Series provides a unified management point for terminating large networks. For larger enterprise applications with many sites or as part of an integrated disaster recovery installation, the Model 79R provides transparency, bandwidth, and flexibility for each of your local or remote network connections.

When to Use

  • Central site aggregation for up to 1,000 remote connections
  • Hi Performance Datacenter-to-Datacenter Links
  • Network Segmentation of Remotes
  • MPLS leased-line link and trunk protection

Model 7004 Cellular Secure Network Gateway

Semi-Ruggedized Cellular Secure Network Gateway with integrated LTE Internet, VPN/Tunneling, Routing, & Integrated WAN Failover — AT&T, T-Mobile, & Verizon Certified

IpTL FastLane™ appliances are designed for always-up reliable, secure access connectivity for IoT/M2M, Automatic WAN Failover and restore, & remote branch connectivity. The Model 7004 Cellular Secure Network Gateway provides an embedded certified multicarrier LTE modem, wired Fast-Ethernet connectivity, and secure VPN/Tunneling within a single tightly integrated package. Never worry if you have the right model on hand…now, a single Model 7004 will automatically support AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon network connectivity.

The First Defense-in-Depth Point Source Cyber Resilient Appliance for Headless Devices

Seamlessly add true cyber end-point security to your network-based devices, ensuring no backdoors, alteration, or insecure communications.  With an integrated hardware secure element using TPM2.0, the Model 8K provides a secure boot, secure credentials, and a true random number generator for resilient device cyber security. With built-in 802.1at PoE+ PD and 802.1at PSE, you can power the Model 8000 and your PoE device simultaneously without injectors.  The Model 8000 runs the complete IpTL firmware set with Armored Tunneling and BlackNoise™, SystemMonitor™ failover, SecureSwitch™, and SuperNAC™ for a completely secure communications solution. When to Use
  • IP Camera Remote Access & Lock-down from Backdoors
  • Microsegmentation and Zero Trust deployments
  • Device Identity and Attribution with Non-spoofing Network Access Control & device 2FA
  • Multi-point aggregation for up to 10 remote connections
  • High-Performance network tunnel links for PtP, PtMP, or Cloud