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Cellular Intelligence Catcher

The Cellular Intelligence Center is designed for Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies. In addition to its exclusive "White Listing" of approved cellular users and "Black Listing" of denied users, the Cellular Intelligence Center also provides the following capabilities:
  • A "red list" category for investigative purposes
  • IMSI data extractor
  • TMSI "mirror"
  • Cellular handset number extraction feature
  • Telephone number dialed extraction feature
  • PC database of numbers collected with time/date stamp
  • Call re-direct feature
  • 911 emergency "pass-through" feature
The Cellular Intelligence Center is available to Law Enforcement and their respective vendors only. This system does not intercept audio. Note: Available with either a directional or omni-directional antenna array and power amplifier.

Cellular Intercept CDMA

The G-Com 2066 CDMA will intercept, record, and play back cell phone conversations in a CDMA mobile phone network. It is used by law enforcement and government agencies to monitor and store cdma cellular phone conversations of suspected criminals, militants, terrorists, and those committing espionage. The G-Com 2066 CDMA will also capture SMS (short message service) data. It is a passive system -­ no signal is transmitted from the system and the cell phone network receives no electromagnetic interference. The system operates by automatically detecting the strongest signal in a CDMA service area. The system intercepts control channels and both sides of a conversation through traffic channels.

Cellular Intercept GSM

The GSM5000 is a tactical "off air" GSM Mobile Phone Intercept System, or cellular interceptor, designed to intercept and track all GSM cellular telephone traffic in a local area and function as a cellular recorder. Cellular Interception is used by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies to monitor cellular phone calls of terrorists, criminals, and suspected felons. Optionally, the system can be custom built to fit inside of a surveillance van in order to monitor & track multiple conversations, and follow the users simultaneously. Cellular Interceptors such as the GSM5000 can also record real-time off air GSM phone calls for future review.

Cellular Intercept TDMA / AMPS

The G-Com 2065 cellular intercept system works as a passive system, intercepting information directly from the air, recording phone call data, as well as conversations for later retrieval. It is used by law enforcement and government agencies to monitor and store cellular phone conversations of suspected criminals, militants, terrorists, and those committing espionage. The system scans all channels and allows the operator to automatically or selectively collect information attained from the targeting of a particular mobile station, either from the phone numbers or by the numbers dialed from the mobile station. The system can be expanded from 2 to 27 channels and is available in two models, stationary or mobile.

Cellular Interceptor CC2800X1

Most Cellular Interceptor platforms possess 4 to 8 Channel capacities to manage system resources during interception. The CC2800X1 starts with a minimum 16 Channel allocation for Cellular Monitoring. This standard intercept solution (our most basic version) is effective and sensitive enough to acquire conversations at extended ranges. The CC2800X1 employs a proprietary interception application that is 100% Narrow-band technology, with optimized sensitivity that can extract cellular communications "off the air".

Cellular Interceptors CC2800

The CC2800 Series of Cellular Interceptors are dual purpose intelligence acquisition platforms which can be administered by those who already have a target in mind as well as by those who have little to no information about who their suspected target is.

GSM Cellular Interceptor

The GSM Cellular Interceptor now offers a full suite of tracking intelligence and forensic technologies. In addition to non-intrusive intercept of voice and SMS text messages, the GSM Cellular Interceptor may also provide surveillance officers with investigative support mechanisms. With features that operate beyond the capabilities of an IMSI Catcher, interception also involves target identification, call manipulation, and GSM phone tracking.