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Armored Vehicle Jamming System

Relying on an armored vehicle for convoy security is not always enough. That is why the Armored Vehicle with IED

Bomb Jammer

The Bomb Jammer ™ shown here is the VIP300 Series. This RF Jammer was named the “We Own The Spectrum”

Convoy Jamming Solution

VIP 300F Convoy Jamming Solution is designed to defend groups of vehicles against remote controlled weapons using IED Jammers. The

Enhanced IED Jammer

The IED Jammer for IED Jamming model VIP 300X is a Bomb Jammer that counters IED attacks from terrorists or insurgents who use Radio Controlled triggers to detonate an IED.  This IED Jammer jams the radio signals sent to the radio receiver of an IED, and helps defend the IED Jammer operators against explosive devices utilizing an RF Transmitter or Radio Frequency Transmitter as a means of detonation. To counter an RCIED attack, the IED or Improvised Explosive Device would need to receive an enhanced level of radio interference from the RCIED Jammer in order to neutralize the remote activation signal and prevent the explosive device from triggering. The VIP 300X emits intensified power to saturate the environment with a strong output of electromagnetic energy similar to a radio wave barrier in the form of interference signals.  This interference blocks radio signals of cell phones, walkie talkies, and satellite phones, all popular communication tools used as triggering mechanisms for remote controlled bombs, RCIEDs, and other radio controlled weapons.

Vehicle Jamming System

The Vehicle Jamming System first generation RF Jamming Bomb Jammer ™ model VIP 300S is used by individual travelers looking