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Phone Jammer

The Phone Jammer model MS6-35 is a high power jamming device with a tactical nature. Before entering a house or building, law enforcement has the option to deploy cellular jammers. Once they activate the Phone Jammer, they can prevent criminals and terrorists from speaking with one another, and control mobile communications. With its 35 Watts per band, this 3 band Phone Jammer can give off 105 Watts of energy in order to block disable cellular phones in the targeted area. The phone jamming is directional, reducing energy waste by directing the jamming where it is meant to go. Using HSS power stabilization, our Phone Jammer is also made to give off the most efficient form of phone jamming signals. Cellular Jammers with power stabilization can be used in multiple ways with double the efficiency of standard jammers. This system can function as a stationary jammer, yet it is also a portable jammer that comes in a portable case. There is no warm up time, as the unit will operate once the power is activated.


Highlight Features

  • Rich port types, 24 x 1000 Mbps Ethernet ports, and 8 × 10G optical ports for uplink
  • Hardware redundancy, guaranteed service continuity and network connectivity
  • VSU virtualization, flexible networking and high reliability.
  • Layer 3 routing control, adaptive to multiple services, efficient and guaranteed data transmission
  • Network security policies, real-time monitoring, CPP and NFPP, delivering enhanced network robustness
  • SNMP, RMON, Syslog, USB log backup features, CLI, Eweb, telnet and other management modes, easy network maintenance