Sangfor Omni-Command
Revolutionize Your Cyber Defense with Intelligent XDR
A Cutting-Edge XDR Solution Built for the Modern Threat Landscape

Businesses face an increasingly complex and evolving cybersecurity landscape. From sophisticated cyber-attacks, vulnerable systems, and insider threats to complex technologies, talent shortage, and regulatory compliance, the challenges are multifaceted. As organizations continue to expand their digital footprint, the need for a robust and comprehensive security solution is more critical than ever before.

Enter Sangfor Omni-Command: an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution designed to meet the challenges of today’s complex security landscape. Inspired by the word “Omni”—meaning “all”—Omni-Command tightly integrates multiple security technologies, including endpoint security, firewalls, and network detection and response solutions, into a single, cohesive platform. Enhanced with advanced AI technologies, it provides a unified, intelligent, and proactive approach to threat detection and response, empowering security teams to stay ahead of adversaries and safeguard their digital environments.

How Omni-Command Works at a Glance

Sangfor Network Secure Key Features & Capabilities
Sangfor Omni-Command XDR Key Benefits

99% Threat Detection Accuracy

Omni-Command leverages the AI-driven analytical capabilities of Security GPT and other powerful engines to accurately detect 99% of advanced threats, including zero-day attacks, ransomware, and ATPs, within 5 minutes.


90% Decrease in False Positives

Omni-Command achieves a remarkable 90% reduction in false positives by intelligently correlating data from multiple sources and consolidating numerous alerts into contextual and actionable incidents, significantly alleviating alert fatigue.


90% Faster Investigation

Omni-Command reduces investigation time from hours to minutes through in-depth root cause analysis. The integration of Security GPT further accelerates the investigation process, allowing analysts to use simple, natural language for queries and analysis.


50% Reduction in Security Operations Costs

Omni-Command streamlines security operations by consolidating various tools with one vendor, cutting costs by 50%. Its compatibility with diverse security tools further enhances data unification, increasing operational efficiency and cost savings.

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    Omni-Command XDR FAQs

    Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a holistic cybersecurity approach. It integrates various technologies, including endpoint protection, network analysis, and threat intelligence, into one platform. It provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s security posture, facilitating faster and more effective threat detection, investigation, and response across its entire IT environment.

    Answer: XDR and Network Detection and Response (NDR) differ in their scope and focus. XDR provides an overarching view of security by integrating data across endpoints, networks, and cloud environments for a broader security analysis. In contrast, NDR specifically concentrates on monitoring network traffic to identify and address threats within network infrastructure.

    Answer: XDR is ideal for organizations looking to elevate their cybersecurity strategies, especially those with complex IT ecosystems involving numerous endpoints, distributed networks, and cloud-based assets. It’s particularly useful for entities in highly regulated sectors, like finance or healthcare, who seek to simplify the management of their diverse security tools.

    Answer: Omni-Command, an XDR solution, streamlines security operations with its cohesive and unified platform, simplifying the management of multiple security stacks. It features true E+N (Endpoint + Network) correlation analysis for unified incident management and employs advanced AI for security operations. This includes integrating Security GPT for natural language analysis and enhancing SecOps workflows. In contrast, Cyber Command focuses on Network Detection and Response (NDR), excelling in network-level threat detection with tools like Golden Eye for in-depth attack chain analysis and SOAR capabilities for automated incident response. While Cyber Command centers on network threats, Omni-Command provides a comprehensive view across various security aspects.

    Answer: Omni-Command streamlines security operations by centralizing the management of threat data, thereby enhancing teamwork and expediting decision-making. Its automated workflows and orchestration capabilities boost efficiency, allowing security teams to focus on high-impact tasks. Integration with Security GPT further refines operations, enabling swift, natural language-driven threat analysis and significantly reducing the time needed for investigations.