Sangfor Zero Trust Guard
A ZTNA Solution for the Modern Enterprise

In today’s distributed work environments, users need access to resources from anywhere, on any device. Traditionally, VPNs and firewalls were used for secure remote access. However, they have limitations like a large attack surface, complex management, limited visibility into remote user activity, as well as compatibility and performance issues. These factors lead to ineffective security and a poor user experience. Additionally, legacy VPN solutions cannot scale with business needs and require significant infrastructure investments, increasing cost and complexity.

Sangfor Zero Trust Guard is an easy-to-use, cloud-based Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution that provides high-performance, secure, and reliable remote access to any application or resource, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Through its cloud-native architecture, simplified policy management, and AI-driven malware detection, Sangfor ZTG scales effortlessly with business growth, ensures unified policy enforcement, and stops advanced cyber threats without compromising performance.

Sangfor Zero Trust Guard Value Propositions

Sangfor Zero Trust Guard Delivers Cost Savings at Every Stage

Sangfor Zero Trust Guard High-Level Architecture

Sangfor Zero Trust Guard Advantages

Sangfor Zero Trust Guard Use Cases

Sangfor ZTG complements or replaces existing VPN with a Zero Trust solution, allowing secure remote access to your data center or cloud applications. This reduces the attack surface and prevents lateral threat movement.

Utilize a single-pane solution that provides single sign-on (SSO) and adaptive access policies for applications hosted in data centers or the cloud. Adaptive authentication allows organizations to tailor their authentication flow to align with business needs. Sangfor IDaaS integrates with existing identity ecosystems and eases the transition to the cloud.

Improve application access for end users by accelerating application traffic using Sangfor ZTG’s superior backbone connectivity. This overcomes latency and performance issues in hybrid and multi-cloud environments worldwide.

Replace slow and expensive legacy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions for protecting data on BYOD and unmanaged devices. Sangfor ZTG offers a faster, smoother user experience while ensuring data encryption to protect sensitive information.

Sangfor ZTG provides improved visibility into end users and devices accessing corporate resources, enabling threat prevention, remediation, and data protection for remote users. This also reduces the complexity of legacy infrastructure like NGFW and VPN.

Deploy a smart, adaptive security solution to allow third-party vendors, contractors, and suppliers access to private applications and resources. This solution supports BYOD and unmanaged devices, ensuring security and peace of mind.

Recognized in the Frost & Sullivan Frost Radar™ for SASE, 2023

Sangfor’s competitive placement on the Innovation Index is attributed to its strong commitment to enhancing the comprehensiveness of the SASE platform. Its SASE solution, Sangfor Access Secure, leverages ML/AI to provide AIOps for simplified network operations. Sangfor’s AI-driven Engine Zero malware detection engine and robust threat intelligence database also allow the company to deliver real-time analysis and more effective security protection through the SASE platform.”

Vivien Pua, senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan

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