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Bomb Jammer Demonstration Kit

In order to demonstrate the proper system solutions to your Government Clients, HSS has designed a configurable modular arrangement. This

Cellular Communication Control Center

In order to demonstrate Communication Control to your Government Clients, HSS has designed a portable Cellular Communication Control Center. This demonstration center is intended for resellers looking to address the growing supervisor requirements of Governments who need to manage wireless communications. The system uses informative and live examples for on site meetings and demonstrations

Detector Jammer Demonstration Kit

The Detector Jammer Demonstration Kit shows reactive jamming to mobile phones. This demonstration kit is a hybrid of both a cellular detector and cellular jammer. Before any correctional or Government Agency has a jamming system installed, they need to see a live demonstration. The Detector Jammer Demonstration Kit is that live demonstration. It consists of a two-part system that allows easy demonstration of several technologies sought by Government Agencies. Configured in two mil-spec cases, it includes dual functionalities:
  1. A RF receiver dedicated to monitoring the airwaves for communication in cellular bands using an internal application similar to a Spectrum Analyzer with Electronic Countermeasure sweeps abilities
  2. A quad-band Cellular Jamming system (export model) or Denial of Service Control Center (domestic model)