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Top branded IT products are our Key features. Our aim is to provide solutions for all categories of Information Technology. It combines our vision and reflects in our collective mission of taking Spollex to the next level of growth and expansion. We Realize the promise of technology and enables business partners to operate more efficiently and successfully in the methods they serve .The incredible journey has seen as emerge from one brand to many in Distribution.
Sangfor in Dubai


Ability to Experiment rapidly and frequently with products. Also capable to handle changing trends , innovation and destabilization .

Sangfor in Dubai


Reliable, maintainable and Durable  quality products are our commitment to customers.  

Sangfor in Dubai


We acquired our Customer Trust through our top -notch Customer service and reachable reviews from internal and external sources .



Number 1 Sangfor and Ruijie Distributors in Dubai

Sangfor in Dubai

Distribute New And Best Branded Products worldwide  with all means of Security Measures. 

We believe in openness and promote it within the organization . Provide better performing products with customer satisfaction. 

Sangfor in Dubai