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Number 1 Sangoma Distributors in Dubai

Number1 Sangoma Distributors in Dubai

Spollex distribution is the Number1 Sangoma distributors in Dubai. In addition to this we are the prime Sangoma partners in Dubai. In UAE Our scope of work extended to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah. We support all kind of Sangoma products, includes Sangoma Business voice, Business voice+ and Switchvox, Team Collaboration, video conferencing, Desk ip phones, Softphone, DECT Wireless phone ,Headset, Access control, Value based IP Phones. Also we deals with networking related Connectivity products such as session border controllers, Telephony cards, Voip gateways and Media transcoding.

Sangoma offers flexibility of locating options, all utilizing the same code base . This allows Sangoma to  put up business in  all stages of growth. If there is no inspiration forpush a particular deployment type, Sangoma Support specialist will be able to  provide Sincere guidance in providing the communication needs of an organization.  


Number 1 Sangoma distributors in Dubai 

Sangoma Business Communication  system Applications 

  • Sangoma telephony
  • Business voice
  • Business voice+
  • Switchvox Team Collaboration
  • video conferencing.
  • Desk ipphones,
  • Softphone
  • DECT Wireless phone 
  • Headset
  • Access control

We are the most popular sangoma business phone system providers in Dubai. Our Collaboration with Sangoma Telephone system delivers vast range of telephony applications .The free pbx open source is the main quality feature of Sangoma Telephony system. It is easy to use, also the customization  and configuration is simple.  

Why to Choose Sangoma ?

Telecommunication is a part of Every business solution and for the better outcome advanced and better performing technology plays a big role. Sangoma is invariably producing their products as per the modern day. Sangoma communication system is applicable for both small and large enterprises.
Various sangoma product applications includes, Gateways, Border controllers, Pbx systems, Telephony cards, all in one skype for business server and more.
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