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1st professional CP PLUS camera distributors in Dubai

The first & the leading CP PLUS camera distributors in Dubai

Are you in search of CP PLUS CCTV Camera installation and setup ? Then we will help you out 

We are the best CP PLUS CCTV Camera suppliers in Dubai. Also we provide the secure CCTV installation in Dubai

1st leading CP PLUS camera distributors in Dubai
Sangfor in Dubai

CP PLUS in Dubai

CP PLUS Camera has the extended features and advancements to provide high quality security solution in Dubai and all over UAE. We have a wide range of service impact in various regions in Dubai include, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman.

We are the 1st professional CP PLUS camera distributors in Dubai. CP PLUS delivers you a wide range of modern security and monitoring solution to reach the demand of various Platforms and firms. 

Our main areas of security focus includes, homes, infrastructure, government, hotels, hospitals, educational institutes, and pasage amoung others. With our reach of advanced system around the univerese, We offers reliable, scalable, systamatic and unsegregated to our customers.

CP Plus monitoring solution protect the public, private properties, and all assets. We make sure that the wide area of security around the world in various industrial and public sector.  

 Contact us for implementing cp plus cameras. With the good  performance, We earned a wide range of customer response 

Grab the best pricing offers for Ip cameras, analog cameras, HDCVI Cameras, CCTV DVRS, CCTV NVRs

We spollex are the first CP PLUS CCTV Camera Partners in Dubai

CCTV -CP PLUS Camera security providers in Dubai and all over UAE

The advancement of CCTV provide security in any possible dangers. The functionality and the implementation of CCTV is much easier for CP PLUS enhanced vision. According to the choices of business, we provide scrupulous deliberation of integrated Security solutions. A perfect security solution with close watch and detailing of entire part of visibility is our guarantee to the customers. We have the right surveillance solution for any business or environment.

1st professional CCTV Camera Distributors in Dubai 


* High-quality images.

* Minimum bandwidth and storage requirements.

* Suited for many different verticals.

* Designed to deliver under the most demanding conditions

* Night vision for clarity

* Audio  & superior IR lenses for crisp images, and integrated video analytics for smart surveillance.

We have a collection of DOM Cameras, It is specifically used for Business and stores.

Benefits of CP Plus DOM Cameras includes,

  • 360-degree
  • Rotational coverage and built-in motion tracking.
  • Easily fastened to the wall or hung from the ceiling

CP PLUS IP Cameras Features

  • Night Vision
  • Long distance live data  transmission
  • Interoperability
  • Good IP range
  • Digital capture
  • High quality Image Sensor
  • Supports High Resolution