Sangfor Endpoint Secure

Intelligent Threat Detection and Response Platform

Advanced Endpoint Security Solution

Sangfor Endpoint Secure utilizes a different approach to defending systems from malware and APT threats compared to current next-generation Anti-virus (NGAV) or endpoint detection & response (EDR) solutions.

Endpoint Secure provides a holistic response to malware infections and APT breaches across the entire organization’s network, with ease of management, operation, and maintenance. The solution is scalable to meet the needs of any organization needing on-premise management, cloud management, or a hybrid solution when it comes to endpoint security, protection, detection, and response.

Sangfor's Endpoint Security Overview

World-Class Malware Detection

Sangfor Endpoint Secure Key Capabilities
Use Cases

Unified Endpoint Security Management

Better real-time response to malware breaches Quick identification and mitigation of both malicious east-west (lateral propagation) and north-south (command & control) communications Comprehensive asset identification Asset-based security policies


Ransomware Protection

Sangfor has customizable ransomware solutions, including Endpoint Secure and add-on components like NGAF or HCI backup. The solutions can be tailored to fit the customer's needs and budget, with flexible add-on options. It also includes cloud-based security operations management using Platform-X.


Cost Effective Endpoint Protection

Sangfor Endpoint Secure simplifies security operation and maintenance Using Sangfor’s Platform-X cloud management, the TCO can be reduced by up to 60% compared to other solutions. And integration with the Sangfor NGAF can improve breach response time by up to 40%.

Awards & Achievements

AV-Test Certification

Sangfor Endpoint Secure Earns AV-Test Top Product Award


Magazine CDM “Next Gen” Award

Sangfor Endpoint Secure Won Magazine CDM “Next Gen” Award


Operating Systems


Customer Success Stories

Below you will find all the Success Stories with Secure Internet Gateway, classified by Industry, such as Enterprises, Governments, Schools & Universities, etc.

Banking & Securities

Quam Plus Financial

Manufacturing & Natural Resources

Meyer Aluminium (Thailand) Company

Healthcare Providers

Al Abeer Medical Center - Day Surgery Unit - Abu Dhabi

Healthcare Providers

Medilife Health Group

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    Frequently Asked Question

    You can install Endpoint Secure Protect on a system with another AV or EDR installed. During the installation, you will be asked if there is other anti-virus software installed. If you say “yes”, the installation will ask if you want to continue. If you choose to continue with the installation, the installation will continue in compatibility mode and the Protect agent will automatically disable real-time protection to not interfere with operation of the existing AV agent.

    The Endpoint Secure management server includes the NGAF WAF module to prevent web-based attacks. Both the hardware and virtual versions of the management server are assessed by Sangfor’s BlueSecOps Team to determine if any risks or vulnerabilities exist. Security hardening is performed to minimize attack surfaces by closing all unnecessary ports and services.

    Yes, you can choose when agent groups or individual agents are upgraded. This gives you flexibility and control to stagger or delay agent upgrades based on organizational needs.