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Sangfor Network Secure Advantages
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Below you will find all the Success Stories with Secure Internet Gateway, classified by Industry, such as Enterprises, Governments, Schools & Universities, etc.

Manufacturing & Natural Resources

JAC Motors

Communications, Media & Services

National Information Technology Board (NITB)

Banking & Securities

EFU Life

Manufacturing & Natural Resources

Global Business Power Corporation

Sangfor Network Secure Advantages

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    Frequently Asked Question

    A cloud platform is a virtual suite that provides IT resources and services over the internet, including software, applications, storage, servers, and networking, among others.

    Almost all! In 2021, 94% of all enterprises took advantage of cloud services in one way or another.

    • Speed: IT resources and services on cloud are available off-the-shelf.
    • Accessibility: Cloud-based resources can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
    • Increase Productivity: Focus on core business activities and leave managing IT resources in the hands of the cloud service provider.
    • Cost Effective: With a cloud platform, there is no need to purchase the actual software and hardware.
    • Scalability: Scale up or down conveniently according to your needs.
    • Security: Cloud provides unmatched security with its robust infrastructure.